Mercury Retrograde 2017 – Planets Retrograde Position

Mercury Retrograde is a plenary process that repeats itself thrice or four times a year.

Mercury, being the closest planet to the Sun, it going through retrogression impacts the life of a human being and general life quality on earth.

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What exactly happens in Mercury Retrograde?

There are two aspects of Mercury Retrogression. One is astronomical and the other is astrological.

Here we shall discuss the astrological aspect in detail but leaving aside the astronomical aspect will not give the in-depth knowledge of the celestial phenomena.

It takes Mercury which is nearest to the Sun 88 days to complete the orbit around the Sun. The Earth takes 365 days to complete the orbit.

The Earth moves slowly in comparison to the Mercury  It is the optical illusion that we observe that the Mercury is in a retrogressive stage.

Planets never move backward but due to the slowness of Earth’ movement, at times it seems that Mercury is moving backward.

What are the astrological effects of Mercury Retrograde?

Having learned about the astronomical aspect of Mercury Retrograde, we shall now learn the astrological effects of this celestial event.

Mercury as per astrology is the ruler of communication and its retrogression affects all sort of communication activities on the Earth, whether relating to living beings or to the technology.

During retrogression, your mail might drop into another’s inbox or the delivery man may deliver your parcel into a wrong house, you may mess up the paperwork, you may feel that words you speak are tangled, your conversations get awry, your thought process is disturbed, misunderstandings arising out of miss communications might give way to heated arguments with dear ones and friends, your pet suddenly behaves erratically and get confused etc.etc.

The technology, especially related to communication will show signs of dysfunction during Mercury Retrograde.

Your computer network and phone system are plagued during this period, your cell phone or television reception is disturbed, you might miss some important information.

Mercury Retrograde has its implications beyond communication, your big plan for a major purchase might get floored, a very important condition may give amiss to your vigilant eye.

You might be a good driver during the normal day but if the retrograde is affecting you then accidents may happen, you may get late to a crucial meeting owing to traffic jams or malfunctioning traffic lights, your appliances and machinery might malfunction.

The locks that used to operate smoothly during normal days might get stuck or you forget the location of a set of reserved keys.

In toto, if affected by the Mercury Retrograde, your life turns out to be that of living in hell, all haphazard and unsystematic.

Mercury Retrograde has the connection with health and having bad health, being injury prone or an undiagnosed medical problem, they all collectively indicate that you are under the effect of retrograde.    

Will Everything Goes Wrong During Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year for about three weeks at a time.  All the details given above indicate as to what may happen during this period.

This is an ideal period to review, revise and review. The rush for everything in the present material world gives very less time to go through introspection and Mercury Retrogradeprovides an opportunity to do so.

You can find your problem areas, do away with clumsiness in your habits.

During retrogression, planets are in habit of turning their energies inward, if you are affected by the retrogression turn your energies inward and review what happened in past and plan the ways to get out of the entangles you faced with mistakes committed in past.

Every negative aspect has a positive aspect and Mercury Retrogression positive aspect is that it gives you an opportunity  to chart out new plans for future, see the life in new perspective and sometimes it is better to move back to surge ahead in life just as you have to pull the string back to hit the target with an arrow.

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